Hannah | 15 | England

Fetus. Enjoys being squashed at concerts, drinking coffee late at night, drawing peculiar things and writing 'stuff'

~there's a 96.225% chance that I'm sleeping rn~

The Blog
This is my main blog so Be prepared for a random selection of posts, including: ships, those weird photos no one seems to question, fan art, some band related posts and frequent hellatus breakdowns...

[Erim Wims]

Hiatus so fandom marathons

To Kill a Mockingbird
The Last Sherlock Holmes Story
SPN- Night Terror
Fics [eg- Twist and Shout]

Listening to
mcr, nd, bn, fob, 30stm, p!atd, aa, acdc, tws [and more]

Waiting for
Supernatural s10
Sherlock s4
Marvel films

'Bless His Soul'[SPN Fic]

Other Blogs
(the Sherlock blog is not yet active)


runs from 12am to 12am, posting 15 posts per cycle. However i'm online at some point everyday

Oh, and~
I hope you have a wonderful day!

My ask is always open ^-^

And there's a lake,and at the bottom you'll find all my friends,they don't swim cause they're all dead,we never are what we intend or invent...


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