Hannah, 15, England
Fetus. Enjoys being squashed at concerts, drinking coffee late at night, and drawing peculiar things. Oh and writing...
There's a 96.225% chance that I'm sleeping rn.
the blog
This is my main blog so Be prepared for a random selection of posts, including: ships, those weird photos no one seems to question, fan art and frequent hellatus breakdowns...
[oh, and- eRIM WIMS]


hiatus so fandom marathons
Listening to
mcr, nd, bn, fob, 30stm, p!atd, aa, acdc, tws [and more]
to kill a mockingbird, the last sherlock holmes story, spn- night terror, fics [eg- twist and shout]
waiting for
supernatural s10, sherlock s4, marvel films
'bless his soul'[spn fic]


other blogs
(these blogs are not yet completed but will be soon)
AO3- should be active in september (when 'bless his soul' is posted)

And there's a lake,
and at the bottom you'll find all my friends,
they don't swim cause they're all dead,
we never are what we intend or invent...

MY BOdy is ready


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